Does WIC provide primary care?

No, WIC does not provide primary care. Your child will, however, receive care that includes developmental assessments, such as height and weight measurements, and various health screenings. Although WIC staff are clinical professionals, it’s still important that your child sees a primary care provider for vaccinations and follow-up care.

What does WIC do for moms?

WIC does a lot for expectant and new moms! Aside from nutritional education, WIC staff also provide breastfeeding counseling, issue vouchers to purchase nutritious food at grocery stores and local farmer’s markets, and promote healthy child development.

Are there restrictions on what I can purchase with vouchers?

Yes, there are certain restrictions in place. Because WIC vouchers are intended for healthy foods that help support proper growth and development, foods such as cookies or potato chips could not be purchased with vouchers.

Is there a cost to join WIC?

No, WIC is a free program for those who qualify.

Can I register for WIC online?

No, the in-person visit with WIC professionals is a critical aspect of the program. During your visit, you or your child will undergo a simple health screening to determine nutritional risk. However, advances in technology have made participation in WIC easier than ever!

WIC food benefits are now issued on eWIC cards as opposed to paper checks, and program participants have access to the new WICShopper smartphone app which allows them to scan a food’s barcode to determine if it is a WIC-approved item.

In association with Maternal & Family Health Services, the WIC Program at NEPA Community Health Care helps pregnant women, new mothers and children up to age five learn about nutrition, make healthy food choices and improve overall health. Research shows that poor nutrition during early childhood increases the chance of anemia, limits memory development and a child’s ability to learn, and adds to health care costs.

Poor nutrition during the first 5 years will affect a baby for the rest of its life. During this critical period of a child’s development, WIC provides a safe, nurturing environment for education, health care and social service referrals, as well as free access to nutritious foods.

To learn more, give our friendly WIC staff a call at (570) 278-2982.